[ˌsimbīˈädik] Adjective. Biology involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, i.e., roots of plants species; crabs and sponges; or denoting a mutually beneficial relationship between different people.

“I always liked interacting with digital marketing expert Art Hill on LinkedIn,” said Lisa Overing, marketer, copywriter and creative director for Megayacht Media and coanchor of Maritime Moment. “But when I saw Art’s birthdate was the same as mine, March 24, I realized we were fraternal creative twins. I called Art in anticipation of our quarantine birthdays, and we conceived Maritime Moment’s marine news entertainment program. Our partner, Julianne Raines, has made my words and visions beautiful for years. I thought, snap. Julie’s bday is March 14, not the 24th. We are narrowly missing the creative trifecta fantastic. Then Julie said her adorably curly, redheaded son, James, was born on March 24. Believing in numerology, we decided to monetize our creative efforts to unify the marine world with Maritime Moment.”

Lisa, Art and Julie are communications professionals in the marine industry, each complemented by dogs in their respective home offices. Connecting with the marine world, yachting, commercial marine, fishing, recreational boating and luxury niches, means while we are isolated, we are not alone. We are here for you! Please enjoy our new program and make some sound waves. You know – it’s all about the ripple!

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